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My Journey

Raju Pal

Before you read my story, I want to tell you that one thing. Many times you must have heard that “Nothing Is Impossible In This World”. But you think this is just a saying But I would like to tell you that this is not just a saying, This is a fact. My journey will prove this saying.

I have divided my journey in three step :

1. Study
2. Height
3. Carrier

Study :

I used to live in a rent house with my parents in Gurgaon. I used to go to Government School. In 2005, We shifted in our small house. Then I started to go to a private school. Because i was came from a government school that’s why I was not a good student. 

I was in the third class. When I got admission, my class teacher found that I am not equal in knowledge with other class students because even I didn’t know the Months Days, Week Days, Alphabets, and all the basic things which I must have known because I was a third-class student. So my class teacher used to take a special class for me. Even I used to get different exam questions than the other students.

              But in the fourth class, You won’t believe I got the 4th position ( 95% ) in my class. Then my Journey started. In 6th class, I got the First Position and I became the topper of the class. After that, I became an intelligent and good student in all standard.

Height :

I became the topper in my class but still, I was not perfect. I was a very short boy from all the other students in my class. Everybody used to tease me. Somebody used to call me “half ticket” and another “Chhotu”. I still remember every single day I used to cry.

But one day somebody insulted me very badly that day I decided I would workout and increase my height at any rate. Since that day, I used to go to the park every day at 4 am. I still remember I used to feel bad to go to my relatives house because of my height. I had lost my confidence.

We don’t feel worse at that time when we don’t have something rather we feel worse when somebody tell you that you don’t have this.

You don’t get success when you want, you get success when you don’t give up and keep doing hard work consistently. So I started to go to park and did hard work. Finally, I started getting results. 

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Everyone wants a good carrier. I also wanted a good carrier. I wanted to get a good job, a good salary. So, after the 12th I got the admission in BCA. In 2016, I came to know that Youtube gives money for uploading videos on their platform. I said wow, it’s a good thing. This means we can also earn money by just uploading videos. That was the new thing for me and I was very excited. I started searching how much youtube pay for uploading videos.


# Finally, In 2017 I decided to make videos. Initially, I thought, I would upload videos and earn money quickly. When I started uploading videos I didn’t get views. There were only a few views from my family member. But still, I keep uploading videos but I didn’t get results. I was quite depressed. I didn’t have proper knowledge about youtube that’s why I got frustrated.


I learned about youtube. Finally, after lots of knowledge, I started getting results. Very soon I completed 20k subscriber. But after some weeks, My channel got slow. But still, I kept uploading videos. After some time when I was not getting results, I gave up and stop uploading videos. Till then, I had crossed 25k Subscriber.

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# 12 May 2019 =>  I can’t forget this date. I was in graduation the Final year, One day I was hanging out with my friends. My all friends were doing a job. But I was just doing my study. My all friends insulted me because I was not earning. I have remembered every single word which they said. That was just fun for them but not for me. I came home and cried.

That day I decided, I have to do something. I decided to do business but I didn’t have money. I asked for money from my father but he denied. That day realized that somehow if my father had given money to me and If I had got fail They would have never let me taken the step again.

So I decided to do a job and then I would invest that money in my business. So I got a job in a Gym. I did that job for 6 months. My intention was just to earn money and invest that money.

# 1 June 2019 => When I was doing a job, I got a proposal to join a network marketing company. I already knew about network marketing. So I decided to join that company. Again that time I thought, Now I will work in this company and will earn lakhs of rupees. Every morning I used to go to the park for campaigning. Every Sunday I used to go for network marketing company meetings.

             That time I came to know about passive income. Many times I thought, I am not good at sales. I can’t do this work but in network marketing, we have sponsors who always motivate us. That’s why I didn’t give up. I was giving my 100% but I was not getting results. I was just investing money in attending seminars, I learned lots of things but I was not getting income. Sometimes I used to feel that, I should give up but I had already given up the last time when I started youtube. So I thought this time, I am not gonna give up.

# 10 October 2019 => I started a company with 3 partners name Dslr4U. This is a Camera rental company. Here, We used to provide a camera on rent.

               After some time, I started a New Youtube Channel ( RealFit ). Because I was passionate to earn money online. Now that time, I was pursuing post-graduation, I was doing a job, I was working in a network marketing company, I started a new business Dslr4U and I was running a Youtube Channel. I started getting frustrated because I was doing lots of things at the same time. So first of all I left my college and Job. I started focussing on network marketing, Dslr4U, and On Youtube Channel.

               Many people told me that don’t do many things at the same time. Focus on just one thing, But that time I used to think I can but I was wrong. I kept doing network marketing and Dslr4U. But literally I was unable to focus on both things.

# 22 March 2020 => After lockdown, all things were stopped. I was sitting at my house and Suddenly I thought if I am not getting results in Network Marketing then why I am doing this. In One Year, I couldn’t add a single person. Then I decide, I will get resign from network marketing. Sometimes is good to give up in life to do something big.

          After that, I started focussing On Dslr4U. Before Lockdown, Dslr4U was growing day by day. Dslr4U was in partnership, Our partners thought process was not similar. So again I took a big decision in my life.

         I left the Dslr4U. That was not an easy decision for me. Because when you have done lots of things and didn’t get results and You start a new thing where you are getting good results, It’s not easy to leave that thing.

# On 10 June 2020 => I took a decision and left the Dslr4U. Now I had nothing to do. But when I had started Youtube, I learned lots of ways to earn money online. I was already passionate to earn money online. I just love passive income.

             I knew about Affiliate Marketing. I had some money to invest in Affiliate Marketing so I decided to learn affiliate marketing. I bought a course and started learning. I had two options. Either I should not invest that money in the course and learn from youtube/internet or invest that money in the course and save your time. I chose the second option.

            Again initially. I was thinking I will get results very soon. But in online work, you should have patience only then you can earn online otherwise you will give up. So I got many Problems. Day by day, I was learning new things, new online business. This time I had some experiences. Slowly, Slowly I started getting results. Even now, I am learning lots of things day by day and I also Earning a Good amount of income from Affiliate Marketing. I love to make others successful. So, I am gonna help who are ready to learn.

My Journey Has Not Finished Yet

I have to do lots of things in my life. My biggest aim to change the people life. So that, They can also fullfill all there dream in their life.

Life Story Till 18 August 2020.